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3.1 to assist or educate any person in charitable need, and in particular but without limitation any disabled person and the parents, guardians and carers of such people by whatever means; and3.2 to provide facilities, support, advice and assistance for christian congregations, other christian groupings and community groups seeking to alleviate charitable needs,in each case in a manner which authenticates the christian faith and its moral principles in a spirit of love and practical christian service. for the purposes of these objects 'christian faith' means the christian faith as revealed and expressed in the holy scriptures both old and new testaments. a home and research treatment centre and school for crippled children. a christian mission at march street, truro road for an unconsecrated mission hall or house for the exercise and advancement of protestant religious and benevolent purposes (and not for any meeting of political or socialistic or trade union character to apply the income from the charities for thegeneral purposes of grooms-shaftesbury (1116530). mission and sunday school for the propagation of the christian faith and the religious education of children and young people in accordance with such faith as an undenominational evangelistic mission for the preaching of the gospel and for the teaching of the scriptures with all the activities usually associated therewith including:-1 (a) the conducting of sunday schools, bible classes, men's meetings, women's meetings, boys', girls' and young peoples' clubs, children's services, gospel and temperance meetings and other gatherings esjudem generis;(b) christian conferences, conventions, missionary and other lectures of an evangelical christian character, report meetings of missionary and other societies and institutions whose aims and bases of faith are not subversive of the doctrines and practices set forth in the schedule 2 for the purposes of a local christian church whose doctrines and practices are in accordance with those set forth in the schedule a mission hall and community centre in connection with the work of shaftesbury society for the advancement of the christian faith benefit of children and young persons under the age of 25 years who are in need of financial assistance:- ministering to their physical needs, food, clothing, etc. aiding the children towards gaining their own livelihood by means of loans or gifts, or payment of fees and apprenticeship premiums for their education or vocational training. establishing, taking over and maintaining homes for the children, including country and seaside holiday homes and camps, orphanages, hostels, residential schools, homes for crippled or other handicapped children, hospitals and convalescent homes. establishing and maintaining homes for cripples and other handicapped children and generally promoting their education and welfare.

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