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to relieve the needs of adults in the area of north yorkshire and the city of york by:3.1) assisting in the support and care of adults with learning difficulties;3.2) the provision of premises for use as a residential care home;3.3) the provision of additional facilities at the care home to improve the quality of care available to residents of the care home;3(4) the provision of facilities and activities outside the care home for use by the residentsof the care home to improve the quality of life of those residents;3(5) the provision of additional equipment to the care home for the use or benefit of theresidents;3(6) making these facilities available to other adults with learning difficulties in the area ofnorth yorkshire and the city of york who are not residents of the care home in co-operationwith other providers of care and support to such people, provided that:a. the facilities, activities and equipment are available for use and are not being usedby the residents of the care home; andb. a fee may be charged for the use of these facilities, activities and equipment bypeople who are not residents of the care home;3(7) providing other activities ancillary to the above for the benefit of the residents of thecare home which cannot be provided by other means.

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